Our History

Hull Churches Home from Hospital (HCHfH) was established as the result of a research and needs analysis undertaken in 1993/4 by social worker Jean Templeton, on behalf of St Cuthbert’s Church in Hull. The church was aware of gaps in services available to people leaving hospital and wanted to help.

Jean established HCHfH with the support of churches in Hull and the parishioners of St Cuthbert’s, to provide a volunteer-based service to vulnerable people in their hour of need. Although very proud of our roots and the Christian contribution, the charity operates independently of the Church of England, respects all beliefs and none, and offers its services to Hull residents in need, regardless of faith.

We work with many colleagues from different disciplines and different organisations. HCHfH is supported financially with grants and contracts from a range of health and social care organisations and charities, as well as donations from individuals. This income goes towards our running costs, salaried staff and the upkeep of our building on Lindsey Place in Hull. Our services are provided free of charge, by our staff and a team of dedicated volunteers.

Over time, as statutory services have diminished, the demands for our support have grown. From humble beginnings, HCHfH has therefore branched out with the development of new services and, as well as help for Hull people recovering at home after a hospital stay, we now also provide services for families affected by cancer, carers and the lonely or isolated.

Today we support over 1500 people a year in Hull in a variety of ways including befriending them, through the use of technology and in practical ways. We work across all age groups and provide services in the home and elsewhere.

You can read what people say about our services here.

Our philosophy “love your neighbour as yourself”.