Carers’ Support

Support for those caring for someone with a life life-limiting illness

When all the focus is on the person with a life-limiting illness, it can be easy to forget the needs of the carer. Their own health may be suffering as they try to juggle caring with the demands of family life, a job or education. Or they may be experiencing financial or emotional hardship. Carers must stay strong, healthy and in control of their own lives, or they will not be able to care for their loved ones.

Through this scheme, we help meet the needs of carers, so they can continue to look after their loved one at home. We also help carers and patients to fast track access to welfare benefits for which they are eligible.

Our Carers’ Support team offer practical and emotional support to carers. In this way we can enhance the quality of life for both the carer and the person being cared for. There is growing evidence that support for a carer relieves stress and reduces the number of patients admitted into hospital because their carer feels they cannot cope.

We work very closely with the Social and Health Services networks across the City of Hull and adjacent areas in the East Riding.

We are represented on the Hull Palliative Care and Cancer Working Group and have strong links with Dove House Hospice and the Carers’ Information & Support Service (CISS) in Hull.

We also work within GP surgeries in Hull, encouraging carers to register with their GP, offering information and practical help. We can point you towards:

  • Benefit entitlements
  • Carers’ breaks
  • Practical support in the home
  • Support groups

How to get started

The main reasons given for referrals tend to relate to the need for the carer to have a break or to receive practical or emotional support. Some carers are experiencing stress or ill-health, and others need social support. Most of our referrals come from Health and Social Care professionals or medical teams. Some come via our own Adult Service, or you can refer yourself.

For further information, please contact us:
Tel: 01482 447673

All clients will be asked to sign a consent form before receiving our services.