Our Philosophy

Our hopes

  • Firstly that, by supporting some of Hull’s citizens, at a time of acute vulnerability, we play a part in their recovery of health, with all of the resultant improvement in quality of life that physical health brings.
  • Secondly that, by placing volunteers alongside clients in their locality, we play a part in helping clients to re-establish links within their own communities, with all of the resultant improvements in quality of life that social health brings.

The help we offer takes many forms and is driven by the person receiving it. So our services are flexible to suit the needs of the individual and designed to promote independence.

Our beliefs

  • We support people of all religions and none.
  • We believe that every individual should be respected, valued and have dignity.
  • We believe that, above all, people matter: they matter more than bureaucracies and structures and accordingly the whole person is at the heart of our policies.
  • We believe that every individual should be encouraged to reach his or her full potential.
  • We believe in co-operation: we are aware that we do not have a monopoly on concern for the good of the community and are pleased to work alongside or in partnership with other agencies.


Safeguarding is a fundamental part of Hull Churches Home from Hospital work, and this commitment is reflected in the HCHfH Standards and values of our organisation, which inform and support all our safeguarding. 

Our Safeguarding Lead is Paul Bartle 01482 447673 paul.bartle@hchfh.org.uk