Great Moves

Fun exercise for body and mind

Great Moves is a 10-week course of interactive classes which exercises the body and brain with a mixture of fun sequences. It has many benefits including reducing stress, improving balance and stability. Also includes time to chat and have a cuppa with new friends.

The Great Moves Project aims to provide access to exercise for those who, for reasons of poor health, low motivation or disability/mobility problems, do not usually regard exercise and movement as fun.

We work with participants, supporting and motivating them to retain and develop their interest in movement and exercise in an enjoyable way. Routine habits of movement, however limited, can enhance posture and breathing, core strength and stability, helping to retain balance and lessen the likelihood of falls and accidents due to poor mobility.

The sort of exercise involved in Great Moves has been found to be helpful for people in the early stages of dementia, Parkinson’s and other long-term conditions. It may also be beneficial for people who are isolated or feeling down and in maintaining good physical health in older men and women who may have compromised mobility.

We use Smovey rings as part of our exercise programme and have a supply which we can lend out to participants. The rings encourage interaction and fun while you move. They also improve balance, core strength and stability, co-ordination and circulation and can reduce stress.

The course runs on Fridays from 10.30am – 11.30am in the Endyke Community Centre, Hull HU6 9RJ.

Give us a call on 01482 447673 (option 1) to find out more and book your place.

All clients will be asked to sign a consent form before receiving our services.

What is a Smovey ring?

Smovey is an innovative ring which users hold in their hands. The ring consists of a spiral hose, with four steel balls inside which hit against the spiral grooves and ridges of the tube with a pulsing action to generate a vibration in the user’s palm.

If used in certain ways, Smovey rings can activate both the right and the left sides of the brain. Smovey can also refine your muscles’ interaction with each other through targeted balance exercises, which helps guard your body against falls during unexpected sudden movements.